Sunday, November 3, 2013

October 28, 2013

FAMILY!!!!  How are you all doing??  Sounds like you guys had a great week!!  I had a good one as well!!  Anderson and Mayara are doing great.  They got almost all of their wedding invites out this week and they are super excited for the baptism and the wedding!  We are so excited for them!!

Also, a couple weeks ago, we started teaching this girl named Hellen, who is a members brother.  We taught her one quick lesson and passed her to the other elders here cuz she lives in their area.  Well, this week she moved into our area and we will teach her again.  The other elders have taught her all the messages already, so now we are just going to try to get her lined up for baptism!  I am stoked about it!

Antonio and Sirlei are doing good as well.  We were able to go and visit them this week.  Sirlei is still wishy washy about the baptism, but she keeps thinking that she cant keep putting it off until tomorrow cuz one day, tomorrow might not come.  She says that she knows it all is true.  So we arent sure what the problem is exactly.  They keep coming to church tho and are enjoying it a lot.

Also, we planned a family night with a member family here and their non member relatives.  We taught a family of four: Paulo, Sandra, Leo and Renan.  The family night went really great!  We taught the first lesson using videos and stuff.  We taught all about my man Joseph and the first vision.  There was a great spirit with us and we could tell that everyone felt it.  The next day, Sandra and Renan went to church.  Paulo coulnt make it cuz of work.  We will visit them again this week.

Well I love you all and hope that you have a great week!!!  Aust, congrats on getting to the Semis in the state cup and for your hard work this year!  You are doing way better than your older brother ever did :)  I love you all!!!  Next week is the transfer, so we will see what happens!

Elder Howard

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