Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Letter from Landon!

FAMILY!!!  Holy cow I miss you guys like crazy!  I am so glad that you are all doing so well.  It brings me a lot of comfort to get so many emails from you guys.  I love it so keep it up!  Sorry I can't reply to all of them I only have 30 minutes on the email.  It sucks.

This week was ten times better than my first week!  I like it here a lot!  I have made a lot of new friends.  Mostly Brasilian Elders! haha they are the coolest ones here.  Our Brasilian roommates left today for there mission.  It was super sad.  I'm going to miss singing American songs with them. 

My Portuguese is coming slow, but its coming along.  It is pretty difficult, but I am studying hard.  I know that I can't learn this language without my Heavenly Father's help, so I'm putting all the work into it that I can.  I can understand a little bit, and talk a little bit.  I practice on the Brasilian Elders here cuz they like learning English as well.  One of my favorite one's here looks just like Chancho off of Nacho Libre.  haha so I call him chancho and he has no idea why.  They love saying random English words so I helped them pronounce "Michael Jordan" "Statue of Liberty" and "Stretchy Pants"! hahah it is so funny!!  I love talking to the Brasilians here.

Today we went to the temple again and did another session.  Mom and Lauren would be obsessed with the celestial room in the Sao Paulo temple.  It is beautiful!!  The session is cool too cuz some parts of it are in Portuguese.  I felt the spirit strong there today.  It was great!  I was so happy to hear that Lauren went and did baptisms.  I know you are all so busy, but maybe find a day within the next month where you can all go do baptisms as a family.  And invite Morgan! haha

I am so glad to hear that Morgan came and visited you guys! That makes me super happy.  I'm also glad that the boys are kickin butt in their soccer games.  Keep workin hard boys!  It will pay off!  And Hayden, Be more aggressive.  Me and Austin taught you better than that! haha. but serious.  Austin you would love Sao Paulo.  It is the perfect place to ParCore (I dono how to spell that).  My teacher loves to parcore.  The city is crazy!  I don't see how people live here.  I had a spiritual experience the other night and it was great!  I wrote in a letter to you guys that I sent out today with some pictures.  You should be getting them in about a week.  I got your letter this week mom.  It meant the world to me!  But I'm doing great out here, just studyin hard.  I can't wait to get to Florianopolis and actually be a missionary!  Lauren and Cody, that would be awesome if you guys did an intern in D.C.!  You guys totally should. Haha I love that you invited Morgan on the family vacations.  Wish I could go to D.C. with you guys if you end up going.  You should all come pick me up from Brazil (with Morgan) in two years and we'll tour the place.  You guys would love it.  Well I've got to go now.  My enter bar just broke so sorry this paragraph is so long.  I love you all and I'll write you again next Tuesday!  Love you guys!!!

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