Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Letter from Landon


I miss you guys like crazy!! I love all the stories from this week.  I can't believe Austin is going to Homecoming!  Haha I feel like he isn't old enough yet.  And Austin, CONGRATS ON THE HEADER GOAL!!! That is so cool my man!  WIsh I could have been there for it!  HAYDEN congrats on being in first place!! That is so cool bro!  Keep playin aggressive and kickin' butt!  Sorry I don't have much time to reply to everyone.  I love you all.

This week went by pretty fast.  The days feel sooo long from studying all day, but the weeks go by fast.  Portugues is tough, but I know more than I think.  We have to teach fake investigators almost every single day in Portugues.  It gets tough, but I was able to teach hinm about faith and repentance without looking at a script.  It was very bad portugues but I got my point across! hahah

Yesterday, my teacher was sick.  He has been sick with a pretty bad cold for the last few days.  He asked my district for a blessing.  There are 8 elders in my district, so I didn't know who would do it.  But Elder Huxford said, "The district leader should do it!"  Hahah I had a feeling it would be me.  I was really nervous, but turns out I gave a really good blessing.  The spirit was there with me guiding me what to say.  Everyone in my district complemented me on how good it was.  I love the power of the Priesthood and I can't wait to use it more throughout my mission.

Today we went to the temple again.  I love going to the temple weekly.  When we got there, a temple worker asked for three elders to do initiatories, so me and two friends volunteered.  It was super cool cuz it was all in Portugues!  I couldn't understand it, but I could feel the Spirit there.  I love that feeling.  After, we got to go into the Celestial room.  I prayed to my Heavenly Father and felt his love so strong.  I know that he is there and he is proud of me.  I felt such peace and joy from being in his house and serving him.  Whenever you guys need anything at all, pray about it.  I know he is there for you.  I have also been craving to read the Book of Mormon so much out here, so I always turn to it.  It has answers to every question in life.  My BOM is so marked up now it is awesome.  There are so many verses that I turn to whenever I need help.  I also turn to my Patriarchal Blessing.  I love it because it is a blessing just for me.  It is so cool.

Mom about packages, it should be pretty safe to send.  Since I'll be in Florianopolis for Christmas, be sure to send it to the mission home, NOT THE MTC.  They won't forward it to me from the MTC cuz it costs too mkuch.  So just send it to my mission home.  Mom I got your letter this week.  I loved it!  If you guys have time, write me more!  Lauren and Cody, sorry I didn't have time to reply to your email, but I got it and I loved it!

I love you family and I'm doing great!  You are in my prayers every night!!!

Love, Elder Howard

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