Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 20, 2013

FAMILY!!!!  How the heck are you all doin??  Congrats on the two wins Austin!!!  Thanks for getting some revenge on Alta for me :)  

This week was an alright one.  I got sick with a cold so that sucked!  But we have met some awesome families here in Biguacu that we are teaching.  We made this lady named Selmira and she has three kids: Julianna, Karina and Rafael.  They are a super cute family and we have a lot of fun with them!  We have taught them a few lessons and Julianna and Karina accepted baptism on June 1st and Selmira accepted baptism on June 22nd (Austins Birthday) cuz of her work schedule.  I hope that everything goes as planned.  They came to church yesterday and I think that they enjoyed it.  They are such a great family!  We will teach them again this week about the commandments.

We also met another family.  The moms name is Preta and she has four kids.  We have taught them a few times, but when Sunday rolled around they didnt show up to church.  We went and visited them after church and told them that we missed them and everything.  I am hopin that this next week they will come to church.

This week wasnt too exciting of one cuz I went to the doctor and felt sick and stuff.  But I am starting to get over it and I am excited for this week.  My professor from the MTC came to visit our Branch President this week.  It was so cool to see him again.  We are going to have a family night with them tonight!!

I love you all and I hope you have a great week!!!  Tell Morg that I love her too!  Aust, good luck on your games this week!!!  Win state!!!!

Elder Howard

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