Monday, December 16, 2013

December 9, 2013

FAMILY!!!  I am glad that you guys had a great night for moms birthday, but I am sorry about all the sickness!! That is so rough!  I hope that everyone can get over it soon!!!  I love you all!! 

This week was a great one!!  We had Maria and Pedros baptism on Saturday and it was so dope!!  I got to baptize Maria and Burton baptized Pedro.  It was awesome.  Also, we sang the primary song "Childs Prayer" during the baptismal service and it brought a fantastic spirit, even with my crappy singing voice.  On Sunday, I confirmed Pedro and Burton confirmed Maria. They said they liked the confirmation better than the baptism. Not sure why, they just said they felt great during it.  We visited them after church on Sunday and their non member mom called us the kids's "godfathers" from the baptism! haha it was funny. She is catholic, but is a great lady!!

Also, we started teaching a guy named João again, that me and Elder Guimaraes taught a while ago.  He is a members dad and we marked his baptism for this SAturday.  WE will meet with them tonight, and maybe we will have a baptism on Saturday :)

Friday is the Christmas conference with half the mission in Lages.  Each district had to prepare an act, a song or a poem.  Well we interpreted "song or poem" as being a "rap", so thats what my district is planning on doing! haha we wrote a Christmas rap that should be pretty dope.I will send you guys a video!

I love you all and hope that you have a great week!  Shout out to Laur, the best sister in the world, this week!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  Wish that Ic ould be there for it!!  LOVE YOU LAUR AND LOVE YOU ALL!!

Elder Howard

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