Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

FAMILY!!!  I hope that you are all doing great and had a chance to watch some of the world cup games!!  hahahah we had a blast watching the Brasil game at Bishops house.  Brasil didnt deserve that penalty and Croatia played their hearts out, but it was cool seeing Brasil get the win and everyone go crazy!! hahah.

So Sebastião and Sonia got married this week!  It was a great wedding.  They did it out on their ranch with just a few friends.  It was great!  We will go back and visit them this week and try to mark Sebastião's baptism for next saturday along with his son Antonio.

Marcos and Mara are doing really well.  Marcos is full of questions and loves learning more about the church.  We are still waiting for the new chapel to get finished and dedicated for him to get baptized.

We are visiting William and Lucilany still.  They are a great couple expecting a baby here in about a month.  I told them to name it Howard, but that didnt fly ;) hahah.  We are going to a Cookies family night with them this week and we will talk to them about their wedding as well.  We want to start getting all their paperwork ready cuz it takes a little while.

I love you all and hope that you have a great week!!  USA plays tonight, be sure to cheer loud for me ;)  Brasil plays tomorrow!!  It is so dope being in the country of the cup!  We are making the most of it!

Elder Howard

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