Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013

FAMILY!!!!  Holy cow I miss you all!!  I am so glad to hear that everything is going great at home.  I got my Christmas package, and I loved it so much!!!  I loved the sheet that dad made of our vacation of 2012.  That was awesome!  Dad is so talented on the computers. I also loved each of the cards you guys wrote, and the Jesus Calender.  You guys are the best family ever!  Thank you so much!  That was also so nice that you guys got Elder Val a bunch of things too!

So this week started off and we met with Francisco and Luisa again.  We taught them lesson 2, the plan of salvation.  It went really well and they seemed to like it.  But Luisa has so many questions, and feels like she needs to prepare a lot more.  We said that we are here to help.  We are going to try to meet with them again this week, so hopefully something will change.  I wish I could just make her believe! haha. But I understand that it is on the Lord's time and that they need to find out for themselves.  

The next night we met with Leblum, Ajona and Marcelo.  We also taught them the plan of salvation.  It went really well!  I think they enjoyed it a lot, and it answered many questions that they had.  They have lost many close family members, so I think it meant a lot to them.  Leblum and Ajona said they are going to continue going to their church, but Marcelo said he would come to church again.  Sunday rolled around, and we were walking past the church to go pick him up from his house, and he was already at the church waiting for us! haha such a stud!  He reminds me of the guy off of the Blindside.  He isnt as big, but he is this super nice guy.  I think he really enjoyed church again.  We meet with him again on Friday and we are gonna invite him to be baptized!

On wednesday, we had 5 calls for English class throughout the day.  We got to class and had 7 new people there.  At the end, I shared a short message about the Book of Mormon, and we invited anybody who wanted to learn more to give us their address and we could visit them.  We had on couple mark an appointment for this week, and another couple, Felipe and his wife, said they wanted to come to church.  English class was awesome that day!  When Sunday rolled around, Felipe never showed up to church.  We got a text 20 minutes into church, saying he had come late and he didnt know where to go so he went home.  We went outside and called him, and he came right back.  His wife was sick, but he came and spent the whole time.  I think that he enjoyed it as well.  We are gonna meet with him and his wife this week.  

A lot of our other appointments fell through this week, so we knocked more doors.  This week will be busy again, so I hope that the appointment will follow through this time.  I am grateful to be a missionary.  It is awesome to be out here!  I love being able to share the gospel with people every single day.  Also, I heard that my friend Thomas "T-FLOW" Rogers is getting baptized!!!!  That made me so happy to hear that!!!  I have prayed for him every night since being out here.  He is such a stud!  

I love you all and it was so good to hear from you guys!!!  I miss you guys like crazy, but things are awesome out here!  Eddy and his wife are planning on coming to the states in December of 2014.  I told them that if they do, they could stay at our house.  I hope that is okay with you guys :) haha I love you all!!!  Tell Morg that I love her too!!!

Elder Howard

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