Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013

FAMILY!!!!  How are you guys doin??  Miss you all like crazy!!!  I got all of your letters this week for my birthday!!!  It made me so dang happy!  I have the best family in the world!!!  Thank you all so much!  I also loved the dollar bills that I got.  Brasilians go crazy when they see dollars! haha so I show them off.  Thanks again!!!

This week was a pretty good one and a pretty tiring one.  Most of our investigators live about 45 minutes to an hour from our house so we do a lot of walking! haha I have never walked so much in my life!  It is good tho!  This week we met with a less active member named Jeyce.  She is such a great lady!  She has been a member for quite some time, but it has been years since she has gone to church.  We visited her this week with some members and left her a message from the Liahona.  It was a great visit!  Then when sunday came, Jeyce came to church for the first time in years!  It was so great to see her there and I know she enjoyed coming back!

Our English class is growing as well.  Slowly, but it is still growing! haha.  We have between 3 and 7 people each class.  We have given out so many invites and everything and people just dont come.  But thats okay!  We met a guy named Ariel from our English class and he had a lot of questions about the church.  We read 3rd Nephi 11 with him this week and gave him another part to read.  He didnt come to church, but we are hoping that he comes next week. That is the hardest part, is getting the people to come to church!

We have a couple other investigators, but this week we are going to try to find a lot more.  The hardest part about missionary work is finding people to teach.  We are trying to work with members a lot more and I know that will help us.

I hope that you all have a great week!!!  I wish you all were with me for my birthday this saturday!  I think Eddy will come visit us and we will go get pizza!!!  I love you all!  Tell Morg that I love her too!!!

Elder Howard

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