Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014

FAMILY!!!  This week was another great one!  Holy cow I am exhausted, but I am loving Itajai and I am loving serving with Elder Castro! He is a great kid!!

This week we did lots of contacts and we were able to teach tons of people.  Vera is doing great!  We went to her house and took her a picture of the Porto Alegre temple in a picture frame and gave it to her.  Then we helped her make some goals so that one day she can have an eternal family.  It was so great!  She absolutely loved it!  She went to church this sunday as well and loved it.

We had a couple of family home evenings this week as well.  There is a family where the kids are members, but the parents arent.  (I cant remember all the names cuz I am terrible with names! haha).  We left a great message there and they came to church on sunday.  The parents just need to get married and they will both be baptized.  We will go back this week and see what they are wanting to do.

We are teaching a couple named Marcos and Mara.  Marcos doesnt want to be baptized until the new chapel is finished.  Right now, we are going to the same chapel as Itajai 1, but the new chapel closer to our area should be done at the end of this month.  They are both great people and both went to church.  Everyone already thinks they are members! hahah

Ricardo went to church as well.  Heavenly Father blessed us as we were able to teach him, his wife and their two kids all together for the first time.  It was so great!  Ricardo went to church and seemed a lot happier!

We are teaching another couple named Lucas and Natasha.  They need to get married, but have a desire to get married and to get baptized.  They are reading the BOM and Lucas came to church yesterday.

I love you all and hope that you have a great week!!!  BE HAPPY, God loves you all.

Elder Howard

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