Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 19,2014

FAMILY!!!  I love you all so much!  I hope that you are all doing great!  I cant believe that Mothers Day came and went so fast! haha it was great talking to you all tho.

This week was a super busy one, but a great one.  We went to Floripa on Sunday until Tuesday for a meeting with President and the other zone leaders.  On Monday we went on a spiritual hike, which was so dope!!  I think we need to go there when you guys come!  At the end of a hike was a beautiful beach that you can only get to by boat or hiking.  We ran around on the beach and played games.  It was an absolute blast!

On Wednesday, President came to Itajai to renew my temple recommend.  We did the interview and then he went with us to find a new apartment, cuz we live in 4 missionaries in a tiny apartment right now.  We found two options, and we will probably move next week.  He then took us to see the new chapel here in Itajai that will be opened next month for our ward and then we got Caldo de Cana which is a sugar cane juice.  It is fantastic!

We are working with Lucas and Natasha to help them get married.  Eddy is helping us get all of there documents ready.  We gave them a picture of the Porto Alegre temple and they loved it.  Marcos and Mara are doing great, he still wants to be baptized in the new chapel so that will be next month sometime.

We visited Ricardo and watched the Joseph Smith movie with him.  That was a great time!  He went to church and loved it as well.  We are gonna get on him about the baptism now.  He is ready for it!

I love you all!  Bad news, My camera got stolen...  It had my two memory cards and one pendrive in it.  Good News: I have almost all of my photos and videos on a members computer in Joaçaba so I will send a jumpdrive for him to put everything on.  And also, I sent most of my photos to you guys.  It just sucks being without a camera! haha

Love you all and have a great week!!!

Elder Howard

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