Friday, November 2, 2012

Letter 10/30/2012

FAMILY!!!  I miss you all like crazy!!!

Yesterday I went proselyting and it was such a great experience.  The first guy we talked to was a guy named Orlando.  He was an older man and he loved God and Jesus.  He was Evangelical or something like that.  He talked to us a lot and we understood a little, but then I talked to him about the BOM and how it talks about Jesus Christ.  He seemed excited to hear about it.  I bore testimony of it, and then gave it to him, and when I did, he started kissing it and talking to the sky! haha it was super funny but super cool.  I told him to read it and to pray about it to know if it is true.

We placed five BOM's total!  Which is really good cuz it was just around the MTC and everyone here knows about the missionaries or has a BOM cuz there are so many missionaries around.  We stopped a lady named Vanessa.  She was super nice and probably in her 30's.  She was Catholic and had never heard about the BOM.  I bore witness of it and told her all about it.  I then showed her Moroni's Promise, and while I read that to her, she reading it in a whisper to herself.  She seemed really excited about it!

The other one I want to tell about was a kid probably around my age.  He was sitting on the sidewalk looking in a phonebook, and he too was Catholic.  He was a really nice kid.  We shared about the BOM again, and bore testimony of it.  He seemed interested as well.  I hope they all read it.  If not, I planted 5 seeds yesterday which is super cool :)  I never forget Orlando being the first guy I gave a BOM to.  It makes me so excited for Florianopolis.  I just wish I was fluent already! haha.  But I know it will come, and that learning it in the field will make it come that much faster.  I am so ready to leave the CTM!

Mom that is awesome about the TV Show!  I prayed for you all week.  I also talked to all my friends about your company.  They think it is such a great idea so keep up the hard work!  Sorry I can't reply to everyone's emails but I love y;ou all!!  I am hopin next week that I'll be able to email you all, but I;m not sure yet.  It is crazy that I have been out two months already.  I can't wait for FLORIPA!!

Love you all and I'll enmail you soon!!!

Elder Howard

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