Monday, November 12, 2012

Letter - 11/12/2012

FAMILY!!!!! I miss you all so much!! Like a lot.

My first are is called Itajaí. I love the people here and it is a super cool place. It is up the coast from Floripa. The members here are so welcoming and so nice! They all told me that my Portugues is the best they have ever heard for a greenie (a new missionary).

My companion is named Elder Talvane. He is a Brasilian and only speaks a little bit of English. He is awesome tho!! He is super funny and so nice to me. This week I got sick with a cough, and one night I had a fever, and for a whole hour straight while I slept, he kept a cold rag on my forehead and it got rid of the fever. He is so selfless and so helpful. I am so blessed to have him in my life.

We have done a lot of teaching here too. I love it cuz we get fed by the members every single day for lunch. It is so great! The food here is absolutely fantastic and the members are always so great. I shared the quick little message with them each meal. We have taught a lot of investigators too. Mainly just the first lesson. Talvane does most the teaching, but leaves me the part about the restoration. I teach that whole part. It is great. I always feel the spirit so strong in our lessons. I hope the investigators feel it too. I pray for them every night.

We ran into an Anti Mormon the other day. haha I only understood a little of what he was saying, but he was an idiot! haha he was comparing Joseph Smith to Marilyn Manson and Ozzy Osbourne. But thats alright, cuz when he dies he will see who was right.

I teach English classes two times a week to anyone who wants to come. I have had help from Elder Perren who is an American in the other half of Itajai. It is super cool cuz a lot of them are really good at English so it is nice being able to talk to them. But My Portugues is coming along, and it helps to be out here, cuz this is the best place to learn it. It is coming along, I just need to be more patient cuz I just want to be fluent already!!! haha

Floripa was beautiful!! I got a window seat for the flight in and got some great pictures. We met President and got to go walk around for a little while by the beach. I think me and Talvane might go to the beach today. I dont think we can walk on the beach but we can go close :)

I got the package!! Thank you all so much. And I dont need the driving permit cuz we dont have a car here. 

So last week at the CTM, we were investigators and we used the Whoopie Cushion on some younger missionaries there. It was absolutely hilarious!

I love you all!!! Tell Morg that I love her as well. It helps me when I can talk to you all. I love hearing from you all. And if you send letters, just send them to the mission home address. I only get to pick them up once a month tho at zone conferences. By the way, I went to the city where Uncle Clarks friend lives, its called Balneario Camboriu, and it was for our zone conference. It is like the Las Vegas of Brasil! hahah elders arent allowed to serve there cuz girls wear too little of clothing. Good thing when we went it was raining so everyone was fully clothed! haha Love you all! My camera just died. I will send photos next week :)


Elder Howard

Julia found a photo of Itajaí so we though we'd include it here.

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  1. Elder Howard ...Man I am glad your doing so Good , Yeah I understand how missing home is a real thing . Just remember it is all here and right now its a cold Wintery Day and Yes just dive into the work and pretty soon you will be on the downward side of your Mission . Remember The Stripling Warriors and Yeah Thier Mothers were Great and I happen to Know your Mother Cause she used to tease me by tying me up in Blankets and not letting me watch Charlies Angels .....OOPS i MIGHT HAVE THAT STORY WRONG you better check with your Mom on that .

    Anyway I am so proud to have a nephew like you and the fact that you are out there and willing to serve God in this capacity is a mighty task and you are every bit up to the work and Duty before You

    My motto was Work hard and play hard and by all means do not take everything so serious that you can't laugh or laugh at your self

    So this little blurp of whatever I have written is about to come to an end because I at least want to leave on one coherent thought which is " Where ever you go in life There You are"......

    God Bless

    Love that Crazy Uncle Clark