Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Letter - 11/6/12


I made it to FLORIANOPOLIS!!!  It is sooo pretty here!  All the elders are so nice and the mission president and his wife are great!  We are all at the mission home right now and they are letting us send a quick email to let you know that we made it safe.  I can already tell that Im going to love it here.  Everyone is so welcoming and so nice.  When we got off the plane, I looked at the mountains and the green and I couldnt stop smiling!  hahaha so lame.  But I am super excited to be here.  I cant wait to get to work and bring people this gospel.  Im a little nervous about the language, but everybody is.  This will be the best place to learn it.  I havent met my new companion yet, but Im hopin for a good one.  Also, I think my pdays will be on Mondays from now on, so the next time I get to email you guys will be in a week.  I LOVE YOU ALL!  And tell Morg that I love her as well.  I cant wait to get out there and meet new people!  Let me know WHEN Romney wins :)  Love you all and I will write you when I can.

Elder Howard

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