Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

FAMILY!!!!!!!!  How are you guys doin??  Sounds like everyone is doing great at home!!!  I am glad that Bingham Soccer got two wins this week!!!  Keep up the good work Aust!  This week here was an awesome one!!!

On Friday, was Lilian´s baptism!  It went great!  She is really shy, and didnt want a whole lot of people there, so we planned a small baptismal service.  When she got to the church, a lot of the youth were at the church and we asked Lilian if we could invite them in for her baptism and she accepted.  It was a great turn out and was a very spiritual service.  Elder Hunt got to baptize her, and me and Eddy got to be testimonies for the baptism.  It was a great experince for Lilian.  She is the only one from her family that is getting baptized, and only her sister came to watch.  She doesnt have much family support, but it was so cool to see the faith that she has to be baptized, and to come to church every Sunday.  On Sunday, I got to confirm her in front of everyone.  I was definitely nervous, but it went really well.

On Saturday was Gabriel´s baptism.  He is 12 years old and is such a stud!  He showed us a list of goals that he has made for after his baptism.  On his list he had things like: Have an eternal family, get married in the temple, always stay firm in the church, etc.  He has such a strong testimony for being so young!  He is such a great kid.  His dad got to baptize him, and he cried the whole time.  He was a great experience for everyone there.

Yesterday we went and met with Peter and Rafaela and they are doing great!  We are helping them get everything figured out for their wedding, and Rafaela is really excited to be baptized right after.  They are working hard to pray everyday and to read the scriptures together, and you can definitely see the change that it has made.  They also told us how grateful they were for me and Elder Hunt.  They have met with a lot of missionaries in the past, but they said that none have helped them as much as we have, and none other missionaries have ever touched their hearts like we have.  That made me feel really great!  It is a proof that I am in the right place, and I am finding the people that I need to help.

This was a great week!  This next week should be another busy one, finding new people to teach.  I love you all and I hope you have a great week!  Tell Morg that I love her too!!  I will talk to you all next week!!!

Elder Howard

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