Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 18, 2013

FAMILY!!!!!  So some pretty crazy news from this weekend... I'm not in Itajai anymore.  I was transfered yesterday in an emergency transfer cuz I was in Itajai for so long and the missionary I switched with was having some problems so President sent him to Itajai.  I am now in a city called Curitibanos and it is super small!  haha it reminds me of good ol Richfield Utah! haha I got here late last night and just seen a little of it today.  It is rough leaving Itajai, cuz the people there were so amazing!  But I am also excited to start work here in a new city.  I am a little stressed out because of my first transfer, but it will be great!  Yesterday at church they announced that I was leaving and had me share my testimony.  After church I said all my goodbyes, and then Eddy and his family and Peter and Rafaela took me to the bus station and dropped me off.  It is sad leaving them.  The bus ride was over 7 hours long and that wasnt too fun! haha but I met a lady from Rio Grande do Sul and she asked me more about the church.  I taught her the lesson of the Restoration on the bus and then we visited for a while.  She was an older lady and her daughters live in the US.  She visited Nauvoo one time with them and had some more questions about Joseph Smith.  I am excited to be here in Curitibanos, even though it will be something to get used to after being in such a big city! haha but I am excited!  Not much other to say this week.  I will have more next week!  I love you all and tell Morgan that I love her too!!!  Have a great week!

Elder Howard

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