Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

FAMILY!!!!  How are you all doin??  It sounds like you guys had a great week!!!  I saw Austin with all the girls in the hot tub!  hahah what a freakin stud!!!!

So this week was a really good one.  I got swapped around with missionaries all week as I was waiting for my new comp to get here.  My new comp is sick and we are having a good time together!  He is a new American from South Carolina.  He had been waiting for his Visa in Tennessee and it finally came.  He is learning Portuguese and it reminds me of when I first started.  He is a cool kid!  We are also living with Elder Castro, from North East Brasil, and he is training a new missionary from Bolivia, Elder Calani.  They are both cool kids and we have a good time living together!  I am learning a little bit of spanish too ;) hahah

So we have a baptism marked for this Saturday.  We are pretty stoked about it.  Her name is Simoni and is 17 years old.  She had her baptism marked before I got here, so we have just been helping her continue to prepare.  We started the BOM with her and gave her a BOM reading chart so that she can read one chapter eeach day.  She was pretty excited about it.  Elder Castro will baptize her and I will get to confirm her on Saturday.  Im stoked!

We also have a few others that we are teaching and we are trying to get the members involved in the work too.  There are about 45 people that go to church each week and it is a branch here as well.  There are some great people here tho!  We are also planning on starting an English Class so we can have a little bit of fun with the Brasilians :)

I love you all and hope that you have a great week!!!  Tell Morg that I love her too!  I will talk to you all in a week!!!  

Elder Howard

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