Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 26, 2013

FAMILY!!!  How are you all doin??  Sounds like you guys had a great week!  I cant believe that the boys already started school again!  That is crazy!!!

My week was a good one!  On Saturday we had Simoni's baptism and it went great!  There was a great turn out of people there and a great spirit throughout the whole meeting.  Me and the other 3 elders that I live with played a special hymn for her for her baptism.  I played teach me to walk in the light on the piano while the other elders sang three verses:  one in Portugues, one in Spanish, and one in English!  It was awesome!  Elder Castro was the one to baptize her and I got to confirm her on sunday which was really cool as well.

So we started teaching this guy named Bruno.  He is about 25 years old and lives next door to a member.  We did a family night at Alex's house, and then two days later we went and taught him the first lesson.  It went great!  /there wasnt an overwelming spirit, but just a strong constant one throughout the whole lesson.  It was great!  Elder Burton invited him to be baptized and he said that if he gets an answer to know that the book of mormon is true then he will be baptized.  He didnt come to church, even tho he said he would.  But we will keep working with him.

We did a lot of contacts this week again.  Knockin doors and stuff.  I also did a contact on the city bus in front of 30 people! haha. I will send the video home so check it out :)  Also, our English class starts this week.  We are pretty excited about that!  I love you all and hope that you have a great week!!!  Tel Morg that I love her as well!!

Elder Howard

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