Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

FAMILY!!!!  Sounds like you guys had a good week!  My weeek was freakin awesome!!!  We have been meeting with Anderson and Maiara a lot this week!!  They are so great!  We have grown a love for them in such a small amount of time.  We taught them the plan of salvation, about eternal marriage, and the ten commandments.  It went really well.  They know that they need to be baptized, they are just nervous of how their family will react to it all.  Anderson is a sick guy and is just like me when it comes to being hard on myself.  He beats himself up a lot too and worries about perfection.  We talked to him a lot about how God doesnt expect us to be perfect in this life and that the Savior paid for our sins.  I felt like I was teaching myself when I was teaching him! haha.  I have prayed and hoped so bad that I could find someone just like me on my mission.  I found him and it is great!  They have been coming to church regularly and they always ask for more parts in the BOM to read.  It is great!  Mayara brings here little brother Leonardo with them as well.  Today we went and had lunch with the just for fun.  This week we will meet with them and try to get them lined up for marriage and then mark a baptism date.

We are still teaching Antonio and Sirlei.  Sirlei knows that everything is true, she is still just hesitant on the baptism.  This week we decided to do a fast with them, specifically for her, whether she should be baptized on the 12th of this mmonth or not.  We will meet with them again this week to see how the fast went and if she got an answer.  They are great people.

We are still teachin Eduarda and Elaina.  They are twins and we are going to have a family night with them tomorrow.  They werent able to come to church yesterday, but have been coming to most of the activites.  They have both commented that they want to be baptized.  We need to get their moms permission cuz they are only 15, but we will try to mark a date with them tomorrow.

We met with Stefania and Jhonne, a couple we met last week knocking doors.  We taught them the first lesson and it went really well.  They understood it really well and enjoyed the message.  They were supposed to go to church yesterday, but they had family come visit them so they werent able to make it.  We are going to go visit them later tonight.

Last week was awesome and we are stoked for the work this week! I am lovin Joacaba and me and Burton are havin a great time together!  I love you all and hope that you have a great week!!!  Joseph saw.

Elder Howard

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