Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

FAMILY!!!  How are you doin??  This week was a good one!!!  We got some pizza for my one year mark which was fantastic!!!  I cant believe that one year is down and there is one to go!  Pretty dang crazy!!!

So this week we taught Antonio and Sirlei again.  We taught them the plan of salvation and also some of the commandments.  It went great!  There was a great spirit with us through the whole lesson and they accepted to keep these commandments.  Sirlei has been reading the BOM and had a lot of questions for us.  We are still pushin here for the baptism this month so I hope that works out.  We will go back and visit them this week.

So there was another random couple that came to the church this week.  Marcos, less active member, and Valeria, non-member.  They are living together and dating.  We are going to go visit them this week.  We are hopin to help them get married and get a baptism marked as well.

We taught Leandro, Jandira and their family this week.  That went good as well.  We taught them the plan of salvation and they had a lot of questions about it all.  It went really well.  They are a great family, we just need to get them to come to church.  They read part of the BOM that we left for them, but they havent prayed about it yet.  I dont think we will be able to go back and visit them this week, but next week we will.

I hope that you all have a great week!!!  I love you all and tell Morg that I love her too!  I hope that everyone is doing great and that school started off good.  Have a great week!!!

Elder Howard

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